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Abraham’s Faith and Submission

Beatific Vision (1995)

Before Abraham Came to Be I Am (1992)

Blessed Trinity (2001)

Blessings (1997)

Blessings which God Gives Us (1991)

Children of Light vs Children of the World (1996)

Confidence in God

Confidence in God (2013)

Confidence in God (2009)

Confirmation, Sacrament of (1995)

Creation, Redemption, and Sanctification (1997)

Divine Providence (1995)

Do Not Be Solicitous (2004)

Eternal Salvation

Extraordinary Gifts (2012)

Fall of Man (1998)

False Wisdom (1998)

Few Are Chosen (1999)

Few Are Chosen (2001)

Fifth Commandment, The (2005)

Fleshpots of Egypt (1991)

God, Order of (2008)

God, Perfections of (2007)

God’s Goodness

God’s Incomprehensibility (2014)

God’s Mercy (1994)

Goodness of God

Goodness of God (1994)

Gospel of Cana (1998)

Great Act of God towards Men

Greatest Commandment, The (1996)

Heresy of Hedonism

Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (2011)

Honor and Glory Due to God (2002)

Isaac and Ishmael, the Catholic and Jewish Churches (1992)

Jalopy, Analogy of the Soul (2008)

Jewish Man at Capharnaum (2007)

Journey to Bethlehem (2001)

Lazarus (1995)

Live at Peace with All Men

Make Straight His Paths

Marriage Feast of Cana - Marriage (1992)

Mercy of God (2008)

Miracle of Calming the Sea (1998)

Miracle of Cana (1995)

Miracles and Prophecies (1993)

Mission Sunday (2004)

Multiplication of the Loaves (2000)

Mustard Seed, The (1994)

New Law, The (1996)

Original Sin - Adam and Eve

Original Sin (1997)

Original Sin and the Condition of Man

Original Sin, Effects of (2004)

Original Sin, Its Effects (2008)

Patriotism (2004)

Predestination (1995)

Predestination (1999)

Priest Should Be Like the Blessed Virgin Mary (2005)

Priesthood (2004)

Priesthood, Its Honor and Glory (1990)

Priesthood, The (1994)

Priesthood, The (2001)

Proper Use of Money (2010)

Prophecies of the Old Testament (2004)

Raising Lazarus from the Dead (2007)

Reason for Miracles, The (1992)

Redemption, The (2007)

Reflections on World Trade Center Tragedy (2001)

Relativism (2013) 3

Rendering God His Due (1997)

Sacramentals (1991)

Sacramentals (1997)

Satan, Pomps of (1997)

Scriptural Proof of the Real Presence (1990)

Signs of Election (1996)

Simeon (1995)

Simeon at the Presentation (2000)

Sin of Jerusalem (1994)

Six Water Jars at Cana, The (1997)

The Mercy of God (2013)

The Mustard Seed (2013)


Trip to France (1995)

True Messias, The

Truth and Intellect (2008)

Two Kingdoms (1990)

Use of Sacramentals (2000)

Value of the Priest (2013)

Ways that God Calls Sinners to Himself

Why Catholics Mourn

Why the Good Suffer (1997)

Why There are no Miracles (2010)

Widow of Naim (1994)

Widow of Naim (2011)

Wonderful Gifts of God (2006)


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