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   Nicolás E. Despósito was born in Villa Dolores, Córdoba (Argentina) in 1981. He grew up as Novus Ordo Catholic. Two years before finishing High school he came to the knowledge of pre-Vatican II Catholicism and witnessed for the first time the true Mass. Being exposed to the Catholic Faith made him consider a higher vocation.

   Having decided to pursue the sacred priesthood, he entered Mater Dei Seminary (El Retiro, Córdoba) in the year 2000, and in October of 2001 he and three other Argentine seminarians traveled to the United States in order to finish the necessary studies. Under His Excellency Bp. Donald Sanborn he received a thorough clerical formation at Most Holy Trinity Seminary (at that time located in Warren, MI).

   Fr. Despósito was ordained by Bp. Sanborn on November 16th, 2006 and since then he has remained at the Seminary, functioning as Professor, Prefect of Discipline and head of the Seminary Schola.

   He is currently the vice-rector of Most Holy Trinity Seminary and continues to teach Philosophy and Sacred Theology in the same institution.

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